WK2 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior LED kit

Taillight Solutions only distributes the highest quality LED's available. We use several different high end suppliers depending on the specified application and overall inventory available. All LED's are tested prior to being shipped to our customers to eliminate delays and verify proper operation. Most LED's are polarity sensitive and must be installed correctly to operate as designed.

Kit Includes a total of 13 LED's to include the following

1 Pair of front overhead map light LED's

2  pair of vanity mirror LED's

1 pair of foot well LED's

1 Pair of rear passenger overhead LED's

1 pair of tail-gate LED's 

1 Glove Box LED

Interior LED Kit

** The WK2 front dome lights incorporate 4 bulbs total from the manufacturer. Two of the bulbs are already LED's that CANNOT be swapped out due to them being attached to integrated circuit boards which cannot be modified. Replacement LED's will NOT match the existing LED's and customers must be aware of this before purchasing any LED's for this location in the vehicle.